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I just remembered that I was gonna do this xD

How long have you been writing for? What made you start?
I wrote my first thing when I was 13 I'm 22, however I have a massive period where I stopped writing anything. I just wanted to expand on the canon universe. When I'm going to sleep I just think of stories for existing characters for things and I just wanted to try put one into words.

Did you start with fanfic, and if not - how did you view fanfiction before you tried it for yourself?
I started for more rp type fanfic. Basically it was with a group where all the characters where oc's but within the canon universe, and everyone wrote their own stories for their characters and the npc's. I always thought it was cool. I love to delve deeper into universes created by someone else.

What's the best writing advice you've ever encountered?
Just do you. Don't worry too much about all these 'rules' or you'll stress yourself out too much to actually write at all.

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to writing?
Getting my ideas onto paper. Something happens between my mind and the keyboard that jumbles what I'm trying to say.

What is the best comment anyone has given you?
I couldn't pick one in-particular, just anyone that comments without pointing out my spelling and grammar failures xD

Can you write whenever/wherever, or do you need a certain setup in order to make words happen?
I can write anywhere. I wrote one fic on my ipod touch, whilst stood in the boiling sun in Spain. Said fic is about someone being stranded in the freezing cold rain, so if I'm inspired I can write.

Would you say you have a definite style that can be recognised? Is that something you strive toward, or do you like your writing to be more fluid and maybe unpredictable?
I don't think I have a set style yet, I'm still learning how to write I guess.

Would you like to collaborate with another writer? If you already have, share something you learned from the experience?
I would worry too much about letting the other person down.

How attached do you get to your projects? If you can't seem to finish something, do you let it go or work yourself even harder until you get it out?
If something's flowing really well then I want to get it done quickly so I can show people, if it's not that I'll end up spending a lot of time stressing over sections to trying get things right.

Share a work/excerpt/sentence you're really proud of?
This piece:
Instead of giving in to his emotions, Merlin withdrew from Arthur’s touch. Taking a step back, unable to look the other in the eyes, he twisted his own fingers together behind his back. His own heart ached with want to give in to Arthur, and he knew if he met the king’s eyes now his resolve to keep his distance would shatter.

I honestly don't get to talk to other writers about their process enough. If there's something about your process you've always wanted to share, please do so here!
I literally jump about so much it's slightly insane, but I think it can help if I'm struggling with a section to move to another for a bit to let things simmer.
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