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My boss at work is leaving and there were three contenders to replace him. Two internal people and one external. One of the internal people I think would be awesome at it, the other, not at all. Our department can be very stressful if something goes wrong, and this person would be moving from a department where basically nothing is an emergency and that they like to go to the pub for extended lunch breaks, which you really can't do if he becomes my boss.

Luckily we just found at the guy that I wanted to replace my boss has got the job. I'm so relieved I almost didn't realise how much it had been weighing on the back of my mind until now.

In other work related news one of the people on my shift is leaving to start a new job in London. And while I'm really happy for him, we have 3 shifts of 3 people, and not only are we losing one person from my shift but the shift opposite mine(when I'm on days they're on nights, and the same in reverse) is losing someone, and as we have a minimum shifting policy of 2 people, for a little while it's going to be really awkward if any of us four need time off.

I'm booked on flights to go to the USA twice this year, September and October, once to visit my dad and once because my mum has decided to get married in Hawaii.

My housemate and me have decided we're going to learn German. So we'll see how that goes, as notoriously I am suck at languages.
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