Feb. 11th, 2016 05:42 am
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Today marks me being at my graduate job for a month. For those that don't know I am a 'Application Support Analyst' or basically tech support, and because our software is used globally I am on a 16 day shift pattern of 4 days on daytime and 4 days on nighttime. I wasn't sure how easy a would time I would have switching between the different shifts, but actually it's not half bad, and the other people on my team are awesome. So as long as I pass my probationary period(I have 2 more months left) everything should be good \o/

I'm going to Pierrefonds in August again for fan meet up. This means more cosplay pics!

I have also settled on my acbb idea, I want to try and be more organised this year. No staying up all the night before to finish my draft for claiming... Hopefully. Also if anyone needs a brit-picker for the fest I am totally free to help out :)

About the kmm, thanks so much to everyone who volunteered to help out, there are more then enough people to run it again. All I'm waiting on is the old mods at the moment. Real life seems to be very busy for them, why they stopped running in the first place.
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Well, as You might be able to guess from the title 4 friends and I went to visit Pierrefonds last week. And let me just say it is a beautiful place.

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