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My boss at work is leaving and there were three contenders to replace him. Two internal people and one external. One of the internal people I think would be awesome at it, the other, not at all. Our department can be very stressful if something goes wrong, and this person would be moving from a department where basically nothing is an emergency and that they like to go to the pub for extended lunch breaks, which you really can't do if he becomes my boss.

Luckily we just found at the guy that I wanted to replace my boss has got the job. I'm so relieved I almost didn't realise how much it had been weighing on the back of my mind until now.

In other work related news one of the people on my shift is leaving to start a new job in London. And while I'm really happy for him, we have 3 shifts of 3 people, and not only are we losing one person from my shift but the shift opposite mine(when I'm on days they're on nights, and the same in reverse) is losing someone, and as we have a minimum shifting policy of 2 people, for a little while it's going to be really awkward if any of us four need time off.

I'm booked on flights to go to the USA twice this year, September and October, once to visit my dad and once because my mum has decided to get married in Hawaii.

My housemate and me have decided we're going to learn German. So we'll see how that goes, as notoriously I am suck at languages.

Ao3 Stats

Jan. 25th, 2017 09:11 pm
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I stole this shamelessly from elveatas

These stats are only based off of ao3, as I haven't cross-posted everything such as pornalot yet (oops)

Total 2016 Word Count: 87816
Total 2016 Hits: 36364
Works: 31 fic, 4 art
Comment threads: 113
Bookmarks: 231
Subscriptions (works and user): 69
Kudos: 1755

Favorite Fic:
With You, At The End of It All
I was really proud of this one, which was written for Merlin holidays. It was lovely to build up Merlin and Arthur's relationship from where they both started.

Hardest Fic:
On Edge
The first draft of this is still a file in my gdocs entitled 'actual piece of crap' that's probably all you need to know about that.

Do You Plan to Take Prompts in 2017?

Yes a few, depending on how much I overload my self with everything else. Oop. But I do love other peoples prompts, just sometimes I can't build up the whole story, only a few scenes, does that make sense?

What was the best thing about 2016? coinelot honestly it was just so lovely to meet everyone, and I had such a great time. If I does run again, I would like to try and be less shy, I always feel like shit afterwards if I bottle it over talking to people or whatever.

What was the worst thing about 2016? The people that I thought I was friends with from secondary school and their apparent determination to forget my existence.....

Goals for 2017: Sort out the beta thing. It seriously still seems inconceivable that people have regular betas are always work with them, like???????

Successfully run merlinreverse \o/


Jan. 1st, 2017 11:18 am
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As of right now Livejournal is now hosted on servers in Russia, having migrated everyone during their recent maintenance from their former servers in the USA. (You can check this by doing a trace on a lj url)

What this means is that all content is now subject to Russian laws, where as up until now it was subject to American ones.

Whilst I will be the first to admit I know very little about internet laws in Russia, I do not think, like many people are already doing, that we need to panic.

Livejournal has been down sizing recently, and moving their servers to the same place as the rest of the company makes logical business sense.

For Non-Cyrillic users I don't think anything will change, but it may be worth backing up your journal content. An easy way to do this is to use the importer on dreamwidth:-

It's never a bad thing to make a backup.

This post is currently a crosspost from dreamwidth to LJ, where I have been seeking out a friending (adding to my circle) a bunch of people that I am friends with on LJ.

Our main worry at this point, I believe is the that the mass exit of Russian users to other sites may push LJ into the red.

For now it's business as usual, though maybe if there's something you would hate to lose it would be worth saving it now.
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Anywhere in the world. I have a ton of stamps and what feels like a million Christmas cards.

(Also I'm moving house, so some post at the new place would be cool :) )
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Artist sign up's close December 1st.
Writers can sign up until the end of January.

Sign-ups are open at [ profile] merlinreverse!!

Artist - Writer - Beta

FAQ - Schedule
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I promised a Coinelot post today. I was going to do my report, but my internet had been out most of the day, so I've sorted some pics instead.

For Saturday four of us had planned cosplays based on fanart by Deheerkonijn

Arthur by [ profile] momotastic
Quidditch!Arthur by TricksySpirit
Merlin by Me
Morgana by little-dhampir-1508

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Today marks 8 years since the show first aired on the BBC. (I was 14 back then :O)

I could never have anticipated the impact it would eventually have on my life, but I wouldn't change a thing. <3
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It's nearly here! \o/

[ profile] merlinreverse has arrived!!

Get excited for the new Merlin Reverse Bang community!
Calling all artists, writers, people near and far, sign ups open October 10th!!

Also please vote here telling us if you would like a support community or not.
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I'll start this off by saying that, I'm not adverse to critical comments, just these one type of them in particular.Read more... )
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As the title says, I'm thinking about running a Merlin reverse Big Bang.

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Seen as everyone else has put their's up
My hc_bingo card )


Jun. 9th, 2016 08:03 pm
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I got my laptop back yesterday! \o/

It's all nice and new and clean.

Although I had to pay out a lot more that I thought I would need too, but now it's under a warranty for a little while so that's nice.

But now I can write faster and nicer (I don't want to look at the typos I will have made using my ipad OTL)
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The charge port has four pins around the edge, and one of them has been pushed out of place, so it wont charge, unless I hold the cable is a specific position that is getting harder and harder to find.

I just spend about 2 hours trying to unscrew the case to get in and see if I could move it back into place, unfortunately a few of the screws are just stuck.

I can't get them to budge no matter how hard I try, and now the tips of my fingers hurt.

This is probably to worst time for this to happen as I need to be working on acbb but it's slightly hard as it's my laptop or my phone. :(

I'm going to talk to my mum once she finishes work tomorrow, she also works in IT so she might have a suggestion to fix it. Otherwise I guess I'll have to take it in somewhere.

I have a nosey at prices and they're about £50 for an hours work :(
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From [ profile] vlaffles
I just remembered that I was gonna do this xD
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So this will just be a basic run down of the days events and then what happened when I got to meet Colin.
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You can see all the photos I took of Colin here.


May. 7th, 2016 01:38 pm
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So some lovely person bought me paid livejournal for a little while.

I've now subscribed to a bunch of kmm prompts, and I am thinking about new icons I can get. I currently have 4 oop.

Thank you very much my anonymous lovely <3
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This might seem like a silly question, but I am a lj noob still.

You may or may not have noticed that the KMM is back. I didn't do it, they stopped replying to me. But I digress.

I am wondering how you track a comment thread on there?
I clicked the pin but all the options are greyed out, and I know other people follow specific prompts.

Any help?
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As you can see I have all the titling skills.

Hello all my new friend-y peoples, I hope we can get to know each other better.

For those that don't know, I passed my work probation, \o/

On Tuesday I when to see Doctor Faustus, staring Kit Harrington, with [ profile] yavannauk for her birthday. It was really cool and we even got to meet Kit afterwards :D

I've decided I'm going to try and get cheap Monday tickets when they are released tomorrow(3rd), for May 9th, as well as heading over to London for the redcarpet of the TV BAFTAs, which is the day before. This means I have to book 2 days off of work(the Sunday and Monday) which I still feel really weird about. Damn it school. Any way I get about 2 days per month and I've only taken 3 so far, so 2 more over near enough 4 months is fine. :)

Also tomorrow BFI members booking for The Living and The Dead preview opens (luckily I'm not at work on the 14th so no more holiday needed there), so I'll be booking a ticket for my friend and me :)


Apr. 14th, 2016 07:01 am
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Oh man I just had a complete panic over mine.

I feel like my words aren't adding any new depth to the original like I've just parroted it straight back out.

I do not like this feeling at all :S
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loss of possessions eating disorders moving

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